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Response Engine enables direct mail companies to increase revenue and improve customer results using our innovative, patent-pending technology and API, bridging the gap between direct mail and digital marketing


A significant pain point in the market is the inability to seamlessly integrate direct mail with digital marketing channels like SMS.

Traditional methods struggle to create personalized experiences, track customer engagement, and automatically update customer profiles.


Response Engine addresses these issues by enabling companies to pinpoint top-performing mail pieces and enrich their databases by collecting a phone number with a one-step action.

Our solution bridges the gap between direct mail and SMS marketing, allowing businesses to reach customers faster, as 96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

By seamlessly transitioning leads from direct mail to digital marketing campaigns, Response Engine helps companies reduce direct mail costs while giving a higher ROI with targeted SMS marketing.


The core of our solution is a standalone SaaS platform with inbound and outbound API integration, eliminating reliance on any specific print house or CRM.

Our software generates both general and personalized QR codes that can be assigned to groups or individual contact records.

Comprehensive API documentation enables seamless collaboration with any direct mail company, SaaS, or print house to produce QR codes.

Upon scanning, the software updates our database and the relevant contact record.

After recording the contact update, the API can transmit contact record updates to any CRM, allowing them to trigger, tag, and contact the leads accordingly.

Business Model

Establish strategic partnerships with top direct mail SaaS providers, incorporating a revenue share for upgraded monthly subscriptions.

Pursue similar licensing arrangements with other direct mail print partners using a subscription-based model.

Secure licensing agreements with larger enterprises, like Valpak-style businesses and new mover mailers.

Expand into digital licensing deals beyond the direct mail model by leveraging our patent-pending process.


Initial concept testing completed summer 2022.

US Patent Application filed Sept 2022.

Developed a comprehensive standalone SaaS platform and API.

Established the first direct mail strategic partnership in Q1 2023.

Executive Team

Jeff Schwerdt
CEO, Product, Marketing
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